Relais 500’s Restaurant

Olivier Courant, our chef, will enchant you with his traditional cuisine exclusively made from local products. Let yourself be charmed by simple and effective cuisine that revisits traditional regional dishes with delicacy and a gourmet touch.

You will discover fresh, in season products, regional dishes, reinvented dishes, stews, etc… Specialities, such as pork trotter terrine, classics like our foie gras, our crème brûlée, and the Relais 500 cake. Because here, everything is homemade!

We welcome you in a bright room with modern and friendly decor in a relaxing, confidential atmosphere.


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Our local producers

L’origine et la fraicheur des produits est primordiale !.

La liste de nos producteurs

Opening Hours:

Monday through Friday
Closed for lunch
7:00 – 9:15 PM
Saturday and Sunday
Closed for lunch
7:00 – 9:15 PM

The restaurant is closed on Saturdays and Sundays in low season

On our magnificent “Molteni” piano, local cuisine simmers, or fresh, local products are mixed. Fresh seasonal cuisine. Every day a fresh selection of entrees, main dishes, desserts and cheeses is professionally prepared by our chef.

In close proximity to Vienne, sit in the dining room or on the terrace and enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Let yourself go and succumb to the temptation of our restaurant.

Our local producers

Les Jardins de Corneyzin

It was a passion for the earth that united Stéphanie Durand with Denis and Yoann Chardon. Farmers for generations, they favour the quality of their products, rather than the quantity, by practising sustainable agriculture. Due to their common passion, they grow seasonal products and prepare the deliciously tasty vegetables and preserves food that you find in your shopping baskets themselves.

3 chemin des bruyères – 38121 Saint Prim

04 74 20 12 53

Ferme du Mont Gay

They raise 75 beautiful “pies noires” cows. The collected milk is transformed daily on the farm into many traditional products from our region: white cheese curds, refined cheeses, natural fruit yoghurt and specialities (fromage à la grappe, pepper-coated cheese, cheese ‘bouchons’, etc.).

1370 Route des Revolets – 38150 Viernoz

04 74 84 42 30

Les délices de Sylvie

When she was 38, Sylvie Boulenger decided to start her human-sized honey production following a desire to return to nature.

Managing 115 hives, she strives for a sustainable quality honey production, which she has been successful at creating by promoting the bees’ natural cycle and by spending time observing them.

She also produces a saffron crop that is completely harvested by hand. In addition, she creates honey candy, gingerbread, and other products completely prepared with her harvest.

She is a young beekeeper with tasty, high-quality products.

173 rue du stade – 38270 Bellegarde de Poussieu

07 70 83 67 52

Les Saveurs de Louze

Florence Besset, a fruit grower, excels in preparing homemade jams, compotes and fruit in syrup, like our wonderful mothers prepared for us.

A producer of sustainable agriculture, she ensures the preparation of delicious products, but on a small scale. She produces in small quantities in order to ensure that her products are of exceptional quality.

2 rue du petit Chemon – 38550 Clonas sur Varèze

06 82 57 01 11

Scea Brun

Established 10 years ago at the head of a farm with 500-600 pigs, David Brun is committed to taking care of his animals in every way possible.

He raises them without using antibiotics and even grows the grain used to feed his animals.

Having his own processing lab, he favours charcuterie without any dyes, phosphates and gluten-free, in order to offer high quality meats and charcuterie. His method of meat preparation is a passion that he loves to share with customers.

Sous Cumane – 38160 Saint-Sauveur

04 76 38 59 81

Ogier Fruits

Producer of fruit and fruit juices in Seyssuel (38)

An operation that was founded by Jean Louis Ogier, a father who passed on the passion for this profession and respect for nature’s rhythm to his son. Today, Nicolas and Jérôme Ogier practice sustainable agriculture by using few treatments and ancient techniques such as “counting” with a spirit of preserving the Earth for future generations.

Only producing seasonal fruits, they offer a range of products prepared with their harvest, such as juices, compotes and fruit in syrup.

45 Chemin des Tuillières – 38200 Seyssuel

04 74 85 82 92